Balcony Gardens: What Grows Best?

Thinking no yard means no garden? Well, think again.

Just because you’re short on yard space doesn’t mean you have to ditch the garden. In fact, balconies are a great place to grow many types of flowers, herbs and even some vegetables.

Now is a great time to plan your garden, but if the past weekend is any indication, you may want to wait a couple more weeks before actually planting anything outdoors.


Even though you have a cozy space, your balcony or patio can become your oasis of colour and scent with the addition of planted boxes teaming with flowers. Or, if farm-to-table ingredients are what you crave, there are certain fruits and vegetables that will thrive in smaller planters. Whatever your passion you can easily embrace condo gardening and bring mother nature to your doorstep.


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Marigold – Brightly colored, pest resistant and low maintenance, Marigolds are one of the best plants for the balcony especially one that is protected and warm.

Begonias – Easy to grow, begonias will bloom constantly all summer if left in the light shade.

Mums – The most popular flowers following roses because they come in a myriad of varieties. They can be easily grown almost anywhere in the world.

Pansies – These unique flowers come in many colors and sizes and are perfect for growing in window boxes and pots.

Fuchsia – An exotic looking flower and a favorite in hanging baskets, fuchsias love the shade.

Hydrangea – Color flowers that last through the summer and well into the fall. But have your watering can handy, hydrangeas love moisture!


Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, Romaine…crunchy fresh leaves with a fantastic range of textures and flavors. Leafy greens tend to be shallow-rooted plants that do not demand extremely rich soil, but they do need plenty of sun and a constant supply of water.

So, as long as your balcony gets direct sun-light and you water the plants frequently, they will continue growing throughout the summer so you can harvest them again and again.


Red ones, yellow ones, big ones, tiny ones, even lumpy ones and spotted ones, with so many varieties and choices, tomatoes make for a fun planting experience. Since their flavor is unparalleled to their store-bought counterparts, tomatoes are also one of the most rewarding crops for the home gardener to grow.

Tomatoes love the sun! Pick the sunniest on your balcony and watch them grow. You will be sampling your first yield soon enough.


Make sure you have the proper soil to have a successful garden. You need to have a balanced soil that is filled with healthy nutrients and can retain moisture.

However you choose to grow your own garden, experiment, have fun and make it your own. There’s nothing like having your own balcony oasis surrounded in beauty or eating fresh food that you’ve grown yourself. You’ll eat healthier, save money and engage your partner (or kids) in a new activity. Happy growing!