Design Trends: Master Bedroom

Design Trends: Master Bedroom

The bedroom is where you start and finish your day, so it only makes sense to design it in a way that you love. Whether your building or buying a new home, or your current bedroom just needs an update, take note of these trends for some inspiration.

  1. Wall Paper
    Wall paper is back and it’s better than ever. Large prints, floral designs, geometric patterns and textured finishes, offer a fresh take on this trend of the past. This is a simple and cost-effective way to update the look of the room. Plus, with easy to remove options, you can change things up more often.
  2. Barnyard Décor
    Bring the farm feel to the city, even more specifically, to your bedroom. Distressed wood panelling in a room with oversized furniture results in a cozy, inviting space. A plank headboard or barn wood closet doors are a great way to achieve this look.
  3. Warm Metal Accents
    Move over pewter, gold and bronze are getting their time in the spotlight. A metallic lamp, ceiling fixture or picture frame is all it takes. A little bit of shine goes a long way, so just make sure you don’t over do it.
  4. A Carefully Planned Mess
    Rather than trying to achieve an uncompromised “perfect” look for the master bedroom, many people are giving into the look of disorder. You know, a room that looks like it’s lived in.  A wobbly pile of books or a portable clothing rack help you easily achieve this trend.
  5. White On White (With A Pop Of Color)
    Crisp white walls combined with neutral bedding and furniture, give a spa-like feel to a room. This minimalist style isn’t new, but it also isn’t going anywhere. It’s a classic look that is easy to update or change by simply adding accent pieces and a pop of color.
  6. House In An Old Factory Vibe
    Exposed brick walls, iron finishes and unpolished floors are the must-haves for this trend. And it’s now easier than ever to achieve these looks. Your walls may not be made of brick, but I bet your local hardware store has wall paper that looks close to the real deal. Add in a low-lying bed, street art and caged lighting, and you’re all set.

Décor changes are the simplest and best way to renew and refresh an old space.  Learn to love your sanctuary again with a touch or class or a touch of whimsy.  Whether you decide to follow one of these trends and do your own thing, have fun with it and make your space your own.

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