Home Sweet Office

A lot of things have changed drastically in the last two years since the start of the pandemic. Arguably, one of the greatest things to come out of it has been the new work from home trend. This one doesn’t seem to be going by the wayside any time soon, and a lot of us are happy to keep it! Employers are still seeing efficiency, deadlines, and KPI’s being met, while employees are enjoying the benefits of their new work-life balance. No more driving through morning traffic, finding a parking stall at the train station, or paying exorbitant parking prices downtown. Even pants have become optional to some of us as we work in a new zoom-inspired wardrobe including jammie bottoms, and dress tops. It’s been quite an experience, and we think it’s a great opportunity to work from home, and create more convenience in our daily lives, while still staying productive.

This new way of working has highlighted the importance of a home office. In today’s world, we are now zooming, presenting, interviewing, and sharing our work through our screens. Some of us work from our kitchen tables, our counters, and as nice as it is to work in bed, we really do need a dedicated space to work from that is comfortable, and practical.

Cedarglen Living has condo, and townhouse layouts that help with just that. A home office brings calm to your workspace, enables you to stay focused on your tasks, and most importantly, gives you the infrastructure to separate your living space from your work space. We’re finding that even though working from home has been a great opportunity, it’s also created a bit of a blur between work and home life. Having a dedicated work space in your home helps to secure those boundaries, and ensure that your work doesn’t follow you home – even if it’s in your home to start with.

There’ a certain psychology and level of productivity when you have a dedicated work space. Research has shown that having an office space with accessible work-related resources helps you stay focused and build consistency to your routine – which is the opposite when you’re working from your couch. You have more organization, a greater sense of discipline, and your back and neck will thank you if you’re not crouched into your laptop because you have a proper desk and chair to work from.

Since this trend is going to continue trending, it might be time to find a place that can accommodate your work from home lifestyle. Our team at Cedarglen Living is more than happy to help you find the proper layout, and design your office oasis to keep you on track, efficient, and still maintain that Zoom-chic fashion we’re all growing accustomed to.

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