Hello Neighbour!

When shopping for a new home, we often hear about “location, location, location” – and a big part of that is the demographic of people that your location will attract. Who’s living next door? We love our Cedarglen Living communities, and want to introduce you to the people living here.

The First-Timer

Our entry-level pricing is a draw for those who are just getting in to the housing market. Whether you’re moving out of your parents’ place, moving in with your partner, or out on your own for the first time, we’ve got you covered! Our spaces are built with your comfort, and safety in mind, and at this price point, affordability is much easier and offers first time buyers better options.

The Rent-Refuser

Why pay someone else’s mortgage right? Back in the day, we’d move out on our own into a rental apartment or basement suite – times are changing, and while the rental market is still hot, we’re seeing a shift that we are excited to be part of! Rent is high, and often times, you can pay the same amount or even less in your own place. Our pricing models are set up this way to help you invest in yourself, and build your own empire. Welcome to the neighbourhood, you savvy, stylish homeowner!

The Downsizer

When the kids leave the roost, you’re just not going to need all of those bedrooms, walkout basements, and huge yards anymore. This is the time to downsize. While sometimes this can be difficult, it’s also a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start! Declutter your garage from all of that old sports equipment that’s been sitting around for years, donate some old furniture, get a new space and breathe new life into your new life! Of course, we have floorplans that can accommodate your kiddos coming home to visit, but you get to reclaim your space, and open an exciting new chapter in your life! We are excited to be part of your new journey!

The Customizer

Who doesn’t love to have options? When you purchase an existing home, you’re taking over someone else’s living space. You may want to remodel or renovate, but buying in one of Cedarglen Living’s developments means you get it your way from the start! No need to live in a construction zone while you renovate, and have to plug your fridge into your laundry room! We’ve been there – it’s not fun. So, moving into your Cedarglen Living condo or townhouse allows you to create, and design your space the way you like it. Our designers are here to help you choose your colour schemes, fixtures, and other elements, so you just have to move in and unpack!

Wherever you find yourself in life’s great journey, we’re so proud to be with you along the way. If you love great customer service, and having a great buying experience from start to finish, the Cedarglen Living team is on your side. We love what we do, and it shows.

Welcome home neighbour!

Friends Becoming Neighbours

Turn your friends into neighbours with our referral rewards program. We are excited to offer a $1000 gift for any referrals or repeat purchases!