Custom Design for your Lifestyle

At Cedarglen Living, we love giving you options on how you want your space to look. While many other builders have show suites that are set or have a “cookie-cutter” feel, we know that no two people are alike, and so, for that purpose, we offer customizable fixtures, and décor to make your space feel like yours.

Some people like to hand-pick personalized aspects, while some prefer to have designer-selected options that are a bit easier to manage.  Either way, we are here to help and to build your living space around your needs.

We have many pre-selected or “curated packages” that our team of expert designers have put together to take the guesswork out of your designs. This makes it easier to make decisions because they’ve already been made, and all of the work has been done for you in this case.

Our designers tend to go with simpler, more neutral palettes when going this route so you can add your own personal touches later on with editable pieces, and colours as you like. When you have a more neutral design, it’s easier to change your décor with the seasons, or as your personal tastes change throughout the years. Some would think that curated packages might be on the boring side, but we see them as an opportunity to make quick changes, and edit as you go. A new art piece, or switching up your throw pillows are an easy way to keep your home fresh, and flow with the seasons without breaking the bank to repaint or change fixtures to accommodate your moods.

However, if you prefer options that are more unique and really show off your own personality, we recommend customizing your space. Not everyone likes a neutral palette, and for that we have a whole design team of pros that can help you make your space your own. It takes some work and tends to be a bit pricier, but having the details in your home reflect who you are, and how you live is very rewarding. When you come home, you come to your home. Your very own, specially-designed, customized and personalized unique home that is yours and yours alone.

There are so many ways to add your personality to your space. Whether it’s the paint colours, the countertops or cabinetry – you have a say in your home design with Cedarglen Living. We love building your home your way and helping you to create the vision for your space. Give us a call and talk to one of our designers about how we can help you make your home feel like home to you.

Friends Becoming Neighbours

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