Designer’s Corner – What’s new in 2022?

What do you think and feel when you think about HOME?

Take your mind to a cozy, soft, and more traditional place when you think about your living space.

We are seeing more and more people working, playing, and staying in these days. So, to accommodate, we are customizing our interiors to reflect a more peaceful, warmer, natural environment.

Not too long-ago interiors seemed almost sterile with bright whites, and shiny metallics. However, these days our customers are hungry for some homey, warm, fuzzy feelings again.

Maybe it’s the cold breeze, maybe it’s the need to feel grounded again, or maybe we’re spending so much more time inside, that we’re building our private little oasis away from all the chaos. Either way, our designers are loving it all!

Bringing the outdoors in, we are seeing a lot of green tones tied together with warm neutrals. Indoor plants along with mixed metals, and woven fabrics adding texture without the noise. Trading in the bright gold accents with natural brass fixtures, and details, add to the stress-free style people are asking for. We are looking at less open-concepts and more traditional, almost cabin-like homes.

With darker colours, those time-honoured designs are making a comeback. As we veer away from uber-modern concepts back to more traditional, comfortable, more laidback style, we are seeing and feeling the warmth back in our homes.

2022 is bringing comfort, and tradition back while still maintaining a sexy streak. Functionality and convenience continually hold high value in our projects. However, bringing back that loving feeling into our interior designs, makes us feel luxuriously relaxed, restful, and calm in the place it matters most.

Welcome back to cozy living!

For ideas on how to create this atmosphere in your new place, connect with our designers. We are so happy to invite you to your new inviting, and welcoming home environment.

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