What is Warranty?

As of February 1, 2014, all new homes in Alberta are protected under warranty through the Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act (please note, this only applies to homes that building permit was pulled after this date, not completion dates).

This means, at a minimum, you have coverage for 1 year labour and materials, 2 years of delivery and distribution systems, 5 years for building envelope protection, and 10 year structural protection.

Broken down in a simplified way that would mean your 1 year warranty covers the finishes in your home, i.e. paint, flooring, finishing materials, etc. Your 2 year warranty cover items such as your furnaces, plumbing and electrical systems. Your 5 year warranty covers the exterior shell of your home such as your Tyvek wrap, siding, stone, brick, roofing. And your 10 year warranty covers structural components of your home such as the structural integrity of your foundation and framing.

Builders in Alberta have an option of who to use for their warranty provider in Alberta. Cedarglen Living uses the Alberta New Home Warranty Program. Why did we choose them? Prior to the creation of mandatory warranty in 2014, a lot of the major builder groups still saw immense value in providing the consumer the confidence of a warranty program. The Alberta New Home Warranty program represented the consumer for those builder groups going back over 40 years, including Cedarglen. They acted as a bridge between those builders and the consumer, and set a guideline on expectation that those builders had to adhere to or surpass. They also worked hand in hand with the Alberta government in the creation of the New Home Buyer Protection Act and their guidelines were used in the creation of the Workmanship & Material Reference Guide (now the Construction Performance Guide). Therefore they were a paramount player in the creation of the mandatory warranty program. It was important for us to choose the group that understand home warranty in Alberta.

For all the information on the Mandatory Warranty program and Cedarglen’s provider the Alberta New Home Warranty Program please check out the attached websites.