Upsize your life by downsizing your home

Minimalist living is a hot trend right now, more and more young people are buying smaller, more affordable spaces that require less work and less money. It’s also becoming the norm for mature adults to start downsizing as they hit retirement or shortly after. They’re trading in the family home for a bungalow, condo or in some cases a retirement facility.

Condo living offers a middle ground. You still get your independence, but you have less of the maintenance and upkeep associated with a larger home.

But how do you know its time to downsize?

If you find yourself using less and less of your home, this could be a good indicator that moving to a smaller place could simplify your life. A smaller space also means less chores. Why are you cleaning 4 bathrooms when you only need 2?

Condos are maintained by a board. Imagine not having to shovel your sidewalks. If you’re a traveler, you no longer have to worry about finding someone to watch over the house or hire someone to do yard maintenance while your away.

Or maybe it’s getting harder to get out often. Condos offer simplicity and convenience, many have shopping centers, restaurants and other amenities right within the community, meaning you can stay close to home and still do the things you enjoy.

No matter your reason for downsizing, you will enjoy having more time for what you enjoy, whether that is spending time with family, travelling or taking up a new hobby. Moving to a smaller space means you will be getting rid of a lot of stuff. But you will gain time, money and a new lifestyle.