Cut The Commute


The length of your commute impacts your productivity, your satisfaction at work and home, and both your physical and mental well-being.

Can you imagine what your life would look like if you spent less time in the car and more time doing the things you love? Walk the dog more. Cook more. Exercise more. Play more. Visit more. Laugh more. Live more.

Free up time

North Americans already spend more time working for a living than almost every other culture. As a result, we have more stress, carry more weight and score lower on quality of life indexes. Possibly the biggest and most obvious advantage of living closer to your job, is that it saves you time. Time which would otherwise be stuck behind the wheel of your car or in public transport. You already spend eight or nine hours at the office, once you factor in your commute, the workday can really start bulking up. Therefore, the closer you live to work, the shorter your day will be, leaving you more time to establish work-life balance.

Save money

Whether it’s your own vehicle’s wear and tear or the cost to ride public transport, your bank account is sure to benefit. By sticking closer to the office, you can significantly reduce your commute costs by lowering your fuel consumption and maintenance expenses.

Help the Earth

Cutting your commute is not only beneficial for you, it also helps the environment. The more time you spend in vehicles, the more pollution you create. Hence, living near the office is an eco-friendly gesture and helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Live healthier

Choosing to live near your workplace opens up new options for transportation including cycling, or in some cases even walking to the office. This is a great way to fit some exercise into your busy schedule. Alternatively, the extra time that you spend in travelling to work can be dedicated to gym time or a fitness class.

Gain flexibility

Having a home near the workplace provides you with greater flexibility. You don’t need to wake up as early to get to the office on time as it’s just an easy cruise or bike ride away. It also allows you to the flexibility to reach home quickly in case of an emergency or just break for lunch. Fresh, homemade meals instead of a packed lunch anyone?

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More family time

Spending quality time with family can feel difficult to fit in to an already busy schedule. The hours can slip on by while the office demands the majority of your day. Less time away from home, means more time to spend with your family, significant other or pet. Maybe it gives you the opportunity to finally have a pet for the first time.


It’s clear that living near your office can contribute to a more balanced lifestyle. When you have a healthy work life balance, you allow yourself to be more present and focused in in everything that you do – leading to a happier, healthier outlook, better sleep, and heightened enjoyment of everything that you love. [/vc_column][/vc_row]