Living Naturally; Going back to basics

The term ‘natural living’ means different of things to different people. The great part about that is that it allows us to define our own meanings and accommodate the ideas of natural living in a way that fits our own lifestyle. There are many ways to embrace the principles of natural living. At Cedarglen Living, we strive to promote simpler, happier, healthier lives. This is why we strategically build our projects in areas that allow our clients to get the most out of life, and to fulfil their need for less stress, natural surroundings, less commuting, and incorporating this theme in the design of their new home.

Here are some ways that we love to get back to basics and live a more natural life; Try some of these if you don’t already practice them. Small changes lead to big results over time so even if you make only one change, you will likely notice an impact.

  • Whenever possible, choose natural ingredients over chemical fillers.
  • Make time for intentional natural living everyday by eating fresh foods, spending time outside and choosing a positive mindset whenever you can.
  • Choose organic instead of pesticides and preservatives.
  • Shop local! You’re not only helping the environment, but supporting your neighbours and community.
  • Be in season! Seasonal produce is natural and untreated.

Natural living is eco-friendly and gives more opportunities for better health for us, and our families. This lifestyle promotes less stress, which in turn, makes us happier and more peaceful. Above are just some examples of easy ways to live naturally without feeling overwhelmed. The benefits of making small incremental changes will create a domino effect for the future.

If you’re looking for easy ways to live more naturally, Cedarglen Living has got your covered! Taking a walk in nature is the best way to de-stress, get grounded and breathe away your worries. Walking for 45 minutes a day, will lower your blood pressure, make you feel fitter, happier and give you some time to think, and reflect. Research shows that natural scenery makes us feel calmer and more peaceful. What better place to do that than Riverstone Manor in Calgary’s Fish Creek Park, where you are surrounded by a natural landscape of trees, the river and wild life.

If walking is not your thing, then maybe Yoga or exercise is a better alternative? Daily activity is your body’s natural endorphin-builder, and Cedarglen Living’s Seton Summit project might be more suitable for you. Cutting down on emissions because you won’t be driving far to enjoy all of your favourite amenities, reducing your carbon footprint because everything you need is just steps away, and saving you money on gas, and other expenses because you live in the middle of it all!

If you like to cook your own meals and bake your own treats, this also falls under the category of natural living since you can create something with healthier ingredient options. Bonus – cooking at home, makes it smell so good! Our luxurious kitchen options and upgrades serve all levels of home cooks and bakers.

Living naturally is easy, affordable, and good for the soul. You can do this with your home décor as well! Choosing natural fibres in your linens, vegan leather options, cast-iron, ceramic or stainless-steel cookware, and wood, glass and/or metal in your place settings and utensils all add to that sustainable natural feeling.

However you want to start, whichever ideas you’d like to adopt, Cedarglen Living has a lot of designs and means to help you live a nature-inspired life.

Ask our sales team about eco-friendly options, upgrades and opportunities for your new home!

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