Holiday Hosting


‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry! But when it comes to holiday entertaining, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not the Martha Stewart type who thrives on table settings and Instagram worthy dishes. Nonetheless, it can still be a very fun endeavor, the key is to keep things simple.

We’ve compiled the following tips to help you throw the perfect holiday soiree – minus any of the headaches.


There’s no need to slave away for hours to create beautiful food and atmosphere. Afterall, the holidays are for close friends and family who don’t care if the pie looks perfect, if everything is made from scratch or if the colors match perfectly on all the decor.

Adopt a minimalist approach and save your energy for entertaining your guests the night of the gathering. (They are coming to see you not an extravagant display)


  • SNACKS AWAY: Who doesn’t love snacking? Instead of entrees and formal seating, opt for finger foods that are easy for you to prepare and for your guests to enjoy. Spread the food platters out around your space to prevent guests from bunching up in one area. This way people can mingle, and munch as they do it.
  • STICK IT IN THE (CROCK) POT: Anything that can be prepared in the slow cooker or casserole dish that can go in the oven, will allow you to spend more time with your guests. Plus, there’s something about a hot, bubbly casserole that screams comfort and warmth at this time of year.
  • BUY FROM THE EXPERTS: There’s no rule that says you have to make everything yourself. Depending on the size of your guest list, you can look at hiring a caterer or delivery service. Hosting a smaller, more intimate crowd? Order platters from the local deli or bakery and save yourself the time slicing, dicing and prepping.



It’s possible to make your space festive without having to go all out and cover every corner of your home. Decorating with fresh ingredients will dress up a room or table without too much effort or expense.

Fill a bowl or vase with fruit. Think apples, limes or cranberries which are all easy to find locally and have a rich, seasonal color to them. Pinecones and bits of greenery casual draped over a mantle or table, is another easy way to add charm and festivity to a room.


Music is the ultimate mood enhancer. Consider the type of party you’re hosting and who you’ve invited. Compose a playlist ahead of time of your favorite songs and play them softly in the background during the party.

Set the tone and ambiance further with a seasonal scented candle, which will allow subtle lighting and a sweet aroma for your guests to enjoy. Just make sure none of your guests have scent allergies or sensitivities before lighting up.


When in doubt, look for inspiration online. To reduce stress, look for easy recipes and decorating ideas online. Here are some websites to hit up:



As you can see, it’s possible to keep things effortless and still come off just as chic. No matter what your space looks like or how your food tastes, the most important thing to bring is a spirit of fellowship and fun. Be genuine, be authentic, be you! If you’re stressing about the details, you can’t be truly present to engage and connect with your friends and family – and that after all – is the real spirit of the season.

Happy entertaining.