Diversifying Your Portfolio: Cedarglen Living’s Unique Investment Opportunities

As the adage goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” and nothing rings more true than when it comes to your investments. Diversification has always been the longstanding mantra to achieving ultimate financial fitness.

There’s no better way to get into better fiscal shape this new year than by purchasing the gift that keeps on giving: the high-reward investment of a Calgary-based Cedarglen Living property.

With Calgary’s strong economy, hot rental market, and a long list of Cedarglen Living’s incredible purchasing perks, you’ll be off and running toward your 2024 financial goals.

Calgary is the Place To Be

Recently ranked as one of Canada’s top ten most livable cities by the Globe and Mail (# 8 out of 100, that is!), based on economy, safety, and cost of housing, Calgary is considered a prime living destination.

With a recent 23.7 percent population growth outpacing other Canadian cities, whether immigrating or relocating, Canadians are choosing to establish roots in the city due to its vigorous job market and high standard quality of life.

Your investment will go far in this highly desirable region that is projected to continuously thrive well into the next decade.

The Calgary Rental Market is Hot

Housing in the city is in demand due to shrinking supply. Whether you decide to reside in your property or rent it out, a high ROI is projected due to the city’s steady growth and Cedarglen Living’s attractive features, locations, and amenities.

With the city’s current low 2.7 percent vacancy rate, your condo or townhouse will surely have tenants.

Standard one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in the city are being rented for an average of $1,880 and $2,200, respectively.

Investing in this favourable current real-estate market is a stable, long-term investment that can nicely compliment more risky stocks.

Cedarglen Living’s Affordable Pricing

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, downsizing, upscaling, a seasoned property investor, or anything in between, take advantage of Cedarglen Living’s flexible pricing options.

Starting in the $200s and increasing to the $600s, you’ll find the right fit that suits your financial comfort zone, all while ensuring you’ve embarked on an excellent investment.

Never sacrificing luxury and comfort, all our properties provide high-quality materials and craftsmanship, modern and stylish interiors, and spacious living, all within your budget.

You don’t live in the city but still want to take advantage of this significant investment opportunity? Not a problem.

Cedarglen Living properties has partnered with the area’s most reputable local property management companies to help you find the right tenant, all while reducing your management fees.

With immediate and quick possession options to choose from, you can start investing today.

Enjoy Prime Locations and Amenities

Our condos and townhouses are strategically built conveniently near various local amenities. Enjoy the proximity to green spaces, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, public transportation, and more.

Become a vital member of growing neighbourhoods that prioritizes connection and community.

Your investment will go the distance in desirable districts like Seton, Belmont, and northern Calgary residential areas that continue to flourish.

The Cedarglen Living Buy and Rent Program

Participating in our buy and rent program is a great way to invest in our properties.

It allows investors to buy and immediately rent out fully furnished, professionally interior-designed showroom properties for one year while Cedarglen Living is your tenant.

After 12 months, you can choose to reside in the property or rent it out with the help of one of our many reliable and well-established property management companies or manage the property yourself.

The best part is that fully furnished units tend to command higher rent rates compared to non-furnished, often 15% and higher.

This program is a great way to enter the market with ease and peace of mind, knowing that your condo or townhouse will be in good hands and generate guaranteed income in the first year of ownership.

Make this new year count and take positive action toward your financial goals. If you want to diversify your portfolio and add an asset that is sure to appreciate, please take advantage of this short window of opportunity.

Purchase a spectacular Cedarglen Living condo or townhouse while there’s supply, and the Calgary housing market is still affordable.

Cheers to a bright 2024 filled with financial prosperity!