Tis The Season


With the temperatures taking a nose-dive, leaves turning color and snowy days in the forecast, we can’t deny that summer is officially over. Which means it’s time to add some festive cheer to your home with elements that’ll make you feel as warm as pumpkin spice.

When decorating for fall, there’s no need to be too holiday specific. Get the most bang for your buck by picking one look that will carry you through Thanksgiving and Halloween. Keeping your decorations in line with your home’s everyday décor will allow for an easy transition. But don’t be afraid to let your creative side loose and have some fun with it!


Fall is all about getting cozy as temperatures start cooling down. Add soft pillows and fuzzy throw blankets to your balcony seating to make your space extra inviting. Use twinkle lights, lanterns or pretty candles to get a warm glow.

Looking for a little more? A classic pumpkin-lined porch will always be in style, so take a trip to the pumpkin patch or local market for an instant statement.


Add some flair to your entrance with a seasonal wreath. Since your front door is the first thing people see, it’s a good idea to ditch that overly colorful, pre-made wreath you might have hanging around in storage. Instead, stick with natural materials like wheat grass, cobs of corn, pinecones, gourds and fall foliage or flowers.


Fall moves us from the bright, sunny colors associated with the warm weather months and shifts to more subtle earth tones and moody colors that bring a cozy, comfortable look and feel to the home.

Start with a more subdued palette than the traditional orange and black. Neutrals such as brown, beige and grey work well as backdrops. Let rich shades of crimson, gold, eggplant, pumpkin and amber be your inspiration for small punches of color.


Another way to create that cozy fall feeling is by simply swapping out your accent pieces. Textures and patterns reminiscent of autumn like plaid, gingham, knitted wool and faux fur will add instant appeal and allure to your living space.


Add some fall warmth and charm to your home with a few simple DIY projects. Have some fun, get creative and spend much less than you would if you went out and bought all your fall décor. Apps like Pinterest have endless ideas for centerpieces, candle holders and table displays.

With some simple seasonal touches such as these, you’re sure to make the perfect first impression when family and friends come over this Thanksgiving. From your patio to your mantel, no one will question your commitment to the holidays or your flair for tasteful décor.