The Top 7 Trends in Condo and Townhome Design for 2024

Blending style and functionality is the biggest trend in condo and townhouse design this year. Whether you’re planning to revamp your living space or are in the market for a new home, this curated list will help you create an elegant yet comfortable space. 

Dive into our overview of the top trends shaping condo and townhome designs in 2024!

Embracing Slow and Sustainable Design

First on our list is sustainability. In recent years, sustainability has gone from being a buzzword to being a way of life. From eco-friendly materials to energy-saving appliances, sustainability is becoming a staple in interior design. 

Sustainable choices can also add a touch of modernity. For instance, you can opt for sleek, energy-efficient lighting fixtures. You can also pick out houseplants to improve ambiance and air quality.

Slow design is another emerging sustainable initiative. Resist buying cheap, low-quality furniture just to hop on a TikTok craze. Choose sturdy pieces such as upcycled or secondhand furniture. Additionally, curate your decor and furnishings based on your personality.

Maximizing Every Square Inch

In condos and townhomes, every square inch of space is precious. It’s no wonder that multi-functional spaces have become a necessity.  A good multifunctional space offers flexibility and added value to condominiums and townhomes. One good example is a home office that doubles as a workout zone. 

The rise of remote work has made home offices a must-have. Similarly, home gyms are all the rage among remote workers. Achieve two goals with one space by making your workstation an exercise-friendly space. All you need is a spacious corner with ample natural light and practical furniture. Equip your workspace with a sit/stand desk and a walking pad, so you can get tasks done while meeting your daily step goals.

Leaning Into Maintenance-free Living

Keeping your space neat and tidy shouldn’t be a hassle. Making smart design choices can take the burden of maintenance off your shoulders—or at least, lighten the load.

Start by selecting luxury vinyl plank flooring for a waterproof and easy-to-clean floor. Next, choose dark kitchen cabinets that won’t show signs of wear or staining. Use slab front cabinets that collect less dust and are easier to wipe. 

To make your living experience even more trouble-free, opt for finishes that enhance your experience. Popular examples would be handheld shower heads and comfort height toilets. A keypad door lock instead of a traditional deadbolt or knob can also save you from many inconveniences.

Illuminating Your Space

Natural light not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your condo or townhome but also has numerous health benefits. To maximize natural light, choose window treatments that allow sunlight to filter in while maintaining privacy.

Additionally, invest in lighting fixtures that complement your space and enhance its ambiance. For starters, lamps and adjustable smart bulbs can transform any ordinary space into a cozy retreat.

Infusing Vintage Touches

Vintage accents add character and warmth to any space. Whether you prefer retro-inspired furniture or antique accessories, nostalgia is a timeless trend that can transform your living quarters. Look for vintage pieces with modern updates, such as reupholstered chairs or refurbished tables, to give your condo or townhome a unique and eclectic charm.

Adding Curved Furniture

Curved furniture adds a sense of fluidity and movement to a house’s interiors. This trend, inspired by nature, creates a more inviting and organic atmosphere in your condo or townhome. Opt for curvy sofas, rounded coffee tables, and sinuous accessories to soften the space and create a sense of harmony. For a more contemporary style, pair your curvy furniture with sleek, modern accents.

Living With Less

Although bare white walls and box-shaped furniture might have fallen out of favor, minimalism still persists in principle. In a world filled with distractions, a minimalist space can offer a sense of calm and clarity. 

Fulfill minimalist style principles by keeping your space neat and focusing on quality over quantity. Choose furniture with neutral colors for easier mixing and matching. Next, upcycle or thrift vintage items instead of buying from a store. By paring down your belongings, you can create a condo or townhome that exudes both harmony and simplicity.

Another way to embody minimalism is to shop for space-saving furniture. Select pieces that serve dual purposes, such as a foldaway bed or one with built-in storage drawers. That way, you can save not only space but also a couple of dollars.

How to Make Home Design Trends Your Own

Keeping up with interior design trends in your condo or townhome doesn’t have to be daunting. 

Start by identifying which trends resonate with your personal style and lifestyle needs. Next, consider your budget and prioritize necessary items over strictly ornamental ones. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to switch things up if your needs, mood, or financial capacity changes.

There are endless possibilities for bringing any design trend to life in your own home. Remember, the secret is to show your personality through your choices and ultimately balance function and form. 

When planning a renovation or choosing a canvas to start with, the default layout and home features matter. Cedarglen Living is proud to provide exquisitely designed multi-family homes in Calgary. 

We are excited to help you find a location and design that matches your taste and your lifestyle. Contact us today to explore available condos and townhomes that will make your design dream come true.