Seton is “Calgary’s Best Community of the Year” … and for good reason!

Seton was voted as BILD Calgary’s Best Community of the Year in May 2021. This award follows Seton’s 2020 recognition as BILD Calgary’s Best New Community of the Year. These awards acknowledge community developers and builders who create a real buzz and creative shift in the liveability of a community. Seton does exactly that and continues to attract new families, retiring couples, and those just starting out to its vibrant neighbourhood. Developers put a lot of thought into the remarkable features offered in the Seton Urban District, and it is clear why Seton is the new place to live and hang out in Calgary.

Seton was designed to serve residents and visitors with everything they need in one place. The goal was to become “downtown of the deep south” and is the only community in Calgary that blends residential, medical, commercial, office space, recreation, and more in a creative and unique way.

With schools already in operation, and additional school sites planned, Seton is a wonderful place to raise your family. Surrounding amenities like the world’s largest YMCA with unmatched amenities, restaurants for every occasion, outdoor recreation and a brand-new movie theatre give Seton residents tons of options to keep entertained year-round.

Seton’s Homeowner Association was formed to promote community experiences that enhance the quality of life and enjoyment of the amenities in the neighbourhood. Programs and initiatives enrich that one-of-a-kind community feeling that you don’t get just anywhere.

Another huge draw to Seton is Calgary’s newest hospital, the South Health Campus, a world-class, state of the art facility and includes a police and fire station to ensure resident safety. Additionally, the Seton Professional Centre brings together many more health services like family care, dental, radiology, pharmacy and more. The community also has senior care facilities nearby.

With shopping, entertainment, healthcare, and education all within walking distance, it’s easy to get around and explore and is the reason that Seton is the place Calgarians want to call home.

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