Make your money work for you. Become a landlord today.
Purchase a 2-bedroom condo for as low as $224,500 and earn up to $250/month*
Buying and renting out a property to tenants can bring you an extra revenue stream. This can help you save for retirement, go on extra vacations, or even help you buy other properties to rent thereby building a source of long-term security for your and your family.


2 Bed & 2 Bathroom
Interior: 776 sq. ft.
Patio: 122 sq. ft.
Balcony: 88 sq. ft.


Mortgage Payment $743
Condo Fees
Total Costs


Purchase Price $224,500
20% Down
Rental Rate
Potential Positive Cash Flow
Potential ROI of 10% average for 5 year period before tax (assumes no property appreciation/depreciation).

Prices and promotions subject to change without notice. Monthly costs/rental rate are approximations and can fluctuate without notice. Mortgage rate of 1.79% was used to calculate approximate monthly payment. This estimate does not include, cable, or any incidental expenses. This is a marketing document only and all numbers are based on estimates.

Calgary is a vibrant modern city with small town charm, a lively arts, culture, recreation, dining, and shopping scene and a strong sense of community. These are just a few of the reasons it often tops the list of the best cities in which to live, work and play. Cedarglen Living offers condos and townhouses in some of Calgary’s best up and coming neighbourhoods – a short drive from top-notch medical care, first rate higher learning institutions, the Calgary International Airport, the historic downtown core, the majestic Rocky Mountains and the tranquil Bow River valley.