Bring The Sunshine In

After a slow, and mainly wet, start we are finally seeing days filled with blue skies and warm temperatures. From iced drinks on the patio to starry nights around the firepit, nothing beats the feeling of summertime in Alberta. Have you ever considered that summer doesn’t only need to shine outside your window? If you love the season as much as we do, there are many easy tips and tricks for bringing the sights and smells of fresh air and sunshine into your home all year long. Here are a few trendy ideas to get you started:


Seagrass and natural fabrics and textures instantly have a beachy, summery vibe to them. A casual and breezy way to infuse summertime into your space is to bring in woven accessories. Favourite choices include large woven baskets filled with light throw blankets or a knotted coffee table tray paired with hemp wrapped candle holders and fresh flowers.


Potted plants and fresh flowers aren’t just for the patio anymore. Plants create an airy feeling both inside and out that instantly revitalizes and injects life back into your home, whether you decide to go for a large statement plant, bouquets of wildflowers on the dining table or a few smaller succulents to line your windowsill.


Scent is one of the most reliable triggers of memory. The smell of lilacs in bloom or fresh mown grass instantly brings back thoughts of lazy days and carefree nights. Including scented candles or wax burners throughout your home with light floral or fruity fragrances is the perfect way to quickly transport you to a favourite summer spot.


Seek out the soothing colours of the sea with nautical pillows, a plush blanket, or a grouping of blue art pieces, or very literally scatter photographs of the ocean or mountain lakes in serene hues around your home. Incorporating shells, sand and driftwood as small design accents on tabletops and bookshelves also evokes the unforgettable feeling of summertime at the shore.


Liven up your space with pops of bright citrus colours like yellow, orange and green. Maybe add new linens or a colourful teapot or appliance. Place lemons and limes in glass bowls or urns on your kitchen island and round out the space with painted furniture pieces in bright glossy hues and vivid bouquets of sunflowers.


There is nothing quite as magical as a patio decked out with sparkling fairy lights. Why not bring the magic indoors to enhance the mood in your living room or bedroom with a festive display of globe lights or paper lanterns? Or wrap your potted plants and trees with twinkling lights and enjoy the ambience they create?

Summer in Canada is short and sweet. Maybe that’s why we treasure it so much and savour every last ounce of fun in the sun. Whether you choose to experiment with all of these tips, or just a select few, with a little creativity and ingenuity you can keep a little bit of sunshine close to you year-round.