Christmas Spirit

Cedarglen Living is proud to have a tradition of giving back to the community. This year, as one of our initiatives, the Living team undertook repainting and repairing (where required) 15 units at Aspen Family & Community Networks – Youth Transition to Adulthood apartments.  This program provides housing and support to youth ages 17-24 who […]

Guide to purchasing a house in Calgary

Thinking about entering the market? This could be the idea time to become a homeowner and a townhouse is a good option. Here is a guide on things to consider before you buy a townhouse. From a broad perspective, Calgary is a great place to invest. It has been declared one of the most livable […]

4 emotions to control when buying your first townhouse

Calgary, Canada is a stunning city, 1km higher than sea-level with views of surrounding mountains. Consistently ranking amongst Canada’s most desirable cities to raise a family, it is easy to understand why the property market has boomed in recent years. Here’s a guide on the 4 emotions you should try to control when buying a […]