New Year New Goals

As with any New Year’s resolution, the key is to make it about what you want, enjoy and will stay focused on for months to come. If you’ve pledged yourself to be more active in 2020 but flinch at the thought of joining a gym or spending the money on classes, you may want to consider a different approach.

You can easily make space to exercise at home by transforming your extra square footage into a workout zone. All you need is a little space, creativity and the right equipment.

Make Space

  • Combine space: Do you have a flex room or office? Consider combining your home gym and office into one room. Keep bulky cardio equipment and office supplies separate by giving each function its own designated area. Utilize furniture with hidden storage to keep weights, resistance bands and yoga mats organized. Totes are also great for storing office or gym items.
  • Convert a bedroom: A spare bedroom is an ideal spot for creating a home gym. Extra closets can be used for storage, and repurposed dressers or bookshelves can hold items like balance balls, extra towels, weights and much more.
  • Carve out a corner: A corner of your living room may be all the space you need. And there’s really no need to keep it hidden in a closed off area. By choosing stylish storage pieces for your gear, you can strike a balance between a functional and an esthetically pleasing space.


Make It Yours

  • Add color: Give the room some color and add in some personal touches, make it a space you will love to use as a retreat.
  • Protect the floors: Prevent damage with rubber mats. It’ll also help to reduce the noise, for which your neighbours will thank you.
  • Get creative and make it fun: Switch out traditional cardio equipment like a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike to something fun. Add items like a climbing wall, row machine, or speed bag to your home gym. Make sure it appeals to you.
  • Add a sound system: Music can improve performance and even make the strenuous activity easier than you otherwise might think. Or add a TV and catch up on your favourite shows while you break a sweat.


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Our top picks for space-saving workout equipment:

  • Foldable treadmill or compact stationary bike
  • Adjustable dumbbells
  • Collapsible bench
  • An exercise (stability) ball
  • Fitness skipping rope
  • Yoga mats and blocks
  • Resistance bands
  • Over the door chin-up bar

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Of course, if you’d rather take your workout outside, you can check-out the wonderful maze of pathways that wind throughout our Cedarglen Living communities which are perfect for walking, running, bike riding or rollerblading. Or make it a priority to utilize the outdoor fitness equipment located in many parks and public spaces throughout the area.

Whatever goals you set for the new year, be realistic and strive for a goal that is attainable, make sure you reward yourself along the way – and most importantly have fun with it![/vc_column][/vc_row]